Media is a buzzword. It informs and infuses our existence and imbues our lives with the color of modernity. In it is subsumed the most important aspect of life and society, the ability to and the forms of communication. Everyone wants to be a part of it, everyone IS a part it. We eat, drink, sleep, awaken to, live off, by and for media. We understand it at a deep level and are confused by its often-startling superficiality. It is the world’s newest, truest form of democracy and if you are unaware of the power of media, no matter what you are doing, you might as well be dead.

Is it possible to train people to be part of the general off-take of media as a career? Certainly it is, depending upon what you want to do and the skills you have. There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of job descriptions that would fall under the umbrella of media, whether it is in advertising, in public relations, in event management or in journalism college. Then there is the marketing of media to buyers, and the selling of it to consumers, both disciplines that have created multiple levels of jobs increasingly being handled by people trained particularly for them.

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